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Mountain Caller – Chronicle : Prologue: EP Review

Mountain Caller move forward by looking back and providing the prologue to the Chronicle album.

Release date: 9th July 2021

Label: New Heavy Sounds

Format: digital / very limited vinyl

Hot on the heels of their debut full-length album, Mountain Caller returns with a new EP. Chronicle: Prologue is the follow-up and conceptual prequel to their debut Chronicle I: The Truthseeker. A backtracking, twenty-minute prequel to an album released to wide acclaim. And most welcome it is too.

Chronicle: Prologue gives further depth and insight into the conceptual story that embodies their output, as well as their own musical journey. Three tracks alternate between atmospheric post Rock pleasures and climactic crescendos.

Something Stirred From Beneath The Rubble, is as the title suggests, a slow builder. Three and a half minutes of aperitif leads us into a mighty onslaught with bass and drums providing a deep base for a squall of guitar and surely plenty of either (a) heads down shoegazing or (b) demented head shaking. Yes, something has certainly stirred and arrived in a devastating fashion that covers two minutes of hectic dynamism before a drum interlude shakes things up. Flurries of guitar, relentless riffing and the finale where a calm interlude surfaces, all vie for attention.

Two shorter pieces, Beyond This Black Horizon and Stripped Of All But Purpose provide more of the same in bite-size portions. The bass is very upfront in the mix on the former amidst some towering parts where all three lock into a groove and head into a lumbering Heavy Metal closure. The final piece might hint at a brooding presence, yet the thunder isn’t long in appearing, hightailing into view via a repetitive but melodic riff. A full-on frenzy gives way to the descent into closure.

Mountain Caller are starting to carve their own niche in the post progressive/Rock/Metal world. One of those bands whose music could easily have wide crossover appeal. This EP is a neat little exercise in maintaining the profile while stepping boldly up the ladder.

Here’s a reminder of I Remember Everything from the debut album Chronicle I: The Truthseeker –

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