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Singles Round Up – July 2021

Chloe Mogg returns to round up some of the singles that are turning our head at the moment.

At The Barrier, we cover many albums, but there’s also alot of new music around that takes single form too. These singles are from artists that have caught our attention, and we want to dive deeper into the tracks. Here are singles from Sean Wyer, Conal Kelly, Gecko Club, Natalie Carr and Madison Margot.

Sean Wyer – Videogames (Instagram)

London based icon Sean Wyer returns with one of his most emotive singles in ‘Videogames‘. Fuelled by optimistic-sounding instrumentation and a delicate vocal that still has the power to go full throttle, the new single from Sean oozes with charisma and talent. Turning the heads of industry specials, the track has been picked up by the likes of CLASH, CLOUT and Music Crowns to name a few.

Telling the story of missing people you love, this relatable number speaks levels for millions across the globe. Having spent his teenage years hiding his true identity, this track walks upon familiar ground for the LGBTQ+ community. Bathed in heartache yet hopeful sensibilities, ‘Videogames’ gives insight into an exceptional future ahead for Sean.

Gecko Club – Summer 2020 (Instagram)

Infusing chilled out vibes with tinges of reggae feel-good sensibilities, Gecko Club will quickly become your go-to summer band. Back with their finest work to date, ‘Summer 2020‘ tells the story of how our last summer plans went out the window. Leaving the whole world of pause, this summer already feels like it’s going to be ten times better than last years. Highly optimistic and somewhat sensitive in places, this relatable number will leave you weak at the knees.

Best described as exotic beach pop meets surf rock, Gecko Club are the type of outfit you’d stick on when you’re needing a boost from the world’s toxicity. Sounding like the band are based in Australia’s surf pop scene, the UK based outfit could easily take on the world with their vibrant sound. As for the music video? Carefree, youthful and confident – what more could you want?

Conal Kelly – Really Don’t Like You (Instagram)

Easily one of the strongest solo artists to emerge from the UK in years, rising star Conal Kelly returns with spine-tingling alt-pop gem ‘Really Don’t Like You’. Telling the tale of simply disliking someone for no apparent reason, we’ve all been there and can easily relate to this anthem. Gaining support from the likes of NOTION and CLOUT, the transcending new single from Conal takes the songwriter up another gear.

Instrumentally, the track is possibly Conal’s most mainstream track to date. Bathed in infectious melodies that won’t be leaving your brain for some time to come, ‘Really Don’t Like You’ addresses thoughts we all encounter at some stage in our lives – is this person actually decent enough to be in my life? A one man band with endless amounts of talent, Conal is destined for stardom.

Natalie Carr – Scraped Knees (Instagram)

Glistening pop artist Natalie Carr is one of those artists you encounter that oozes star quality. From the first note in her brand new single ‘Scraped Knees‘, you know this songwriter is bound to have her name in lights. Produced by John McCall ‘J-Mac- and Dillon Lawter, the second single of the year for Natalie tells the story of getting sober and making changes for a relationship that, inevitably, is destined to fail. We’ve all been there, trying to make ends meet for a timewaster, and this track hits the nail on the head.

Bathed in distinctive vocals that come across as unforgettable, the production on ‘Scraped Knees’ takes the quality of Natalie’s music up to the next level. Layered with sass and independence, this feels like it could easily be the song for a generation of people trying to find their identity. Fuelled with elements of alt-pop, R&B and indie-pop, ‘Scraped Knees’ refuses to follow a crowd and that’s what makes us love it even more.

Madison Margot – Heathrow (Instagram)

Imagine Taylor Swift, Haim and Lana Del Rey met to create a new album, it would sound exactly like Madison Margot. Returning with glistening synth-pop number ‘Heathrow‘, this single will leave your head in the clouds as you’re transported to Madison’s vibrant safe haven. Written about long-distance relationships in general, this familiar number will come as a saving grace for couples across the globe. Produced by Tone Def, who has worked with Green Day, Santana, Charli Adams, ‘Heathrow’ glides freely with an angelic vocal as guidance.

“Heathrow” uses impressive melodies to convey its addictive story of hope. Ultimately a song about just wanting to be with your love, this colourful soundscape is armed with uplifting instrumentation and an optimistic arrangement. Constantly spending her time back and forth between London and LA, Madison easily could take on the world with their fantastic new single.

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