Bleek Noir does Echo & The Bunnymen: News

Bleek Noir is quite a regular At The Barrier. Here’s his latest offering as we announce “Bleek Noir in ‘cover version’ shock!”

May we draw your attention to something a little rare? Not something you see every day – a cover version from Bleek Noir.

It’s not a Morrissey song. Maybe surprising as we all know how much BN adores him – see his Why I Love Morrissey – but perhaps those songs are sacrosanct. Instead, we’re treated to a toe dipped into the time tunnel for anyone who recalls Liverpool’s Echo & The Bunnymen. Their second album, Heaven Up Here yields All My Colours and just like his acoustic sessions (our review) it’s good to see and hear our gothic noire hero doing something a bit different.

There’s always going to be a comparison with the original. While the Echo version has a bleak Joy Division feel about it, the new version has the unique trademark quiver and Morricone-iness about it.

An interesting little curio although All My Colours might even lead to some calls for a series of covers – I wonder what might make the list?

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