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At The Barrier, we cover many albums, but there’s also alot of new music around that takes single form too. These singles are from artists that have caught our attention, and we want to dive deeper into the tracks. Here are singles from Australian singer-songwriter ELASKIA, Lisey Tigra, Louis Van Johnson, CRiDDLE and Liam Cooper for our round up in August.

ELASKIA – Can’t Help Loving You (Instagram)

From the first moment you hear ‘Can’t Help Loving You’, you know instantly how powerful this track is going to be. Emotionally executed but not coming across as vulnerable in anyway, ELASKIA’s vocal throughout her brand new single is spine-tingling good. Oozing with momentum and the type of arrangement you’d hear on your favourite Netflix show, it won’t come as a surprise that ELASKIA’s previous music has featured on Netflix series ‘Dynasty’ and Marvel’s ‘Runaways’. Written from the perspective of needing to let someone go that’s weighing you down mentally and physically, the cinematic-pop single will have you weak at the knees.

Taking the Australian music scene by storm, the track highlights how important it is to turn to music in a time of need. ‘Can’t Help Loving You’ feels like a vital reminder that you need to feel your emotions to fully process whatever is going on in your life. An emotional rollercoaster, this heart-aching number will pull at your heartstrings and remind you that things will get easier in the end. One word to describe the overall performance? Incredible.

Lisey Tigra – Criminal Mind (Instagram)

Sounding somewhere between the barriers of Billie Eilish and Charli XCX, Lisey Tigra is an artist destined to leave you scrolling through the rest of her discography. A powerful woman certainly turning heads within London, Lisey is here to claim her rightful place in one of the world’s biggest industries. Receiving love from the likes of BBC Introducing, CLOUT, LOCK, Guitar Girl Magazine and many more, Lisey Tigra takes listeners on a musical journey through avenues of empowerment. ‘Criminal Mind’ details finding your balance with light and darkness, and comes across as a vital listen in Lisey’s collection.

Highlighting the importance of knowing your worth and taking on any obstacle in your way, ‘Criminal Mind’ is bound to leave you craving for more. Euphoric and in places playful, musically, the track is bathed with a breathtaking vocal, glistening instrumentation and an iconic message, ‘Criminal Mind’ is a transcending vision that deserves a crown. Accompanied with a blockbuster-esque music video, is there anything this powerful songwriter can’t do?

Louis Vann Johnson – Backfired

Certainly turning heads with the sync world, Louis Vann Johnson has been featured on various film soundtracks, notably ‘The Hatton Garden Job, ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Obey’. Back with his latest solo endeavour, ‘Backfired‘ is a breathtaking single taken from Louis’ recently released EP ’34/7′. A soulful pop offering that comes across as reflective and imaginative, the single has received praise from NOTION, CLOUT and Music News to name a few. A breathtaking number that tells the story of finding a relationship in a state of chaos, the track explores the journey of recognising, understanding and eventually accepting that there are fundamental incompatibilities and differences in a relationship that can be solved overnight.

Detailing the importance of knowing your own worth, ‘Backfired’ shares the vitality of either making the decision of letting go or fighting for love. Bringing light to the world’s dark, this distinctive single may seem melancholic in places, but its reassuring nature will have you weak at the knees. Heartfelt and the sort of track that Bruno Mars would die to have, ‘Backfired’ is available for you to enjoy now.

CRiDDLE – All In My Head (Instagram)

A type of mantra that you won’t be getting tired of, CRiDDLE’s hypnotising new single ‘All In My Head’ is a reminder that your thoughts are so powerful and can be used to attract negativity and positivity. CRiDDLE’s an R&B meets pop songwriter that uses music as a form of escapism. Highlighting mental health struggles in a world that’s consumed with appearance and acceptance on social media, this familiar single will certainly be relatable for not only the GEN Z generation but also other generations. Currently working on an EP set for release later this Summer, the new track gives insight into a powerful future ahead for CRiDDLE.

Not only talented in the music sector, Crystal, aka the mind behind the project, this artist oozes personality from every endeavour she takes on. Growing up, music was always a big part of Crystal’s (aka the mind behind CRiDDLE) life. Performing in local and regional competitions, every weekend Crystal was on the road performing somewhere new. Classically trained to be an opera singer and performing in professional theatre productions, Crystal began writing songs as a pre-teen/teenager, and the rest is simply history. Paired with a lively production and hypnotising vocals, this track will resonate with fans of Ariana Grande & Selena Gomez.

Liam Cooper – Another Lonely Night (Instagram)

Effortless and timeless are two words to describe Australian songwriter Liam Cooper‘s music. Returning with exceptional new single ‘Another Lonely Night’, the prominently indie-pop number has elements of alp-pop buried within its core too. Produced by Sean Carey (ex Thirsty Merc Guitarist, 20 Good Reasons, In the Summertime), the track was engineered at Church Street Studios. Detailing the time when Liam was a guest entertainer on a cruise ship and missing his wife, the track shares how tough it is to be far from your loved ones. During a time where we’ve all encountered this feeling, if the past eighteen months has taught us anything, it’s to always tell your close ones that you care – life’s way too short.

Musically, the track dives straight into a realm of indie-pop and sets sail for stardom. Taken from Liam’s forthcoming EP ‘Lonely Nights’, out September 2021, the new anthem sounds like the track that Brandon Flowers and Chris Martin wished they wrote. Bathed with iconic vocals that are instantly recognised as Liam’s own, this versatile number would be the perfect fit to a coming-of-age movie, or a movie scene where the main protagonist is missing the love of their life.

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