The Burner Band – Signs And Wonders: Album Review

Shed Load Records introduce us to the jaunty, effervescent The Burner Band who will wear out your foot tapping shoes with a stomping healthy dose of bluegrass country rock.

 Release date: 3rd September 2021

Label: Shed Load Records

Format: CD/LP/DL

 Has your mouth never been more down, has your face never felt longer? Put this album on and if you can’t be shaken out of your gloom then you are simply not compos mentis.!

This lively bluegrass- rocking album is pure joy. Right from the outset, there is a paradox. Despite The Blues Came In and Block Out The Sun bemoaning negative influences  these songs and the shuffling beat of Company Man are uplifting. The infectious beat continues on It Takes Two. These songs lyrically may seem that life’s cards have been dealt badly, musically the response is ‘sod this for a game of soldiers’  I’m going to shake my troubles off as multi-toned guitar, frisky banjo and energetic beat give off a distinctly chirpy mood.

Latin rhythm and soft harmonica enhance Voodoo Queen and promise to cure whatever ails. An early Buddy Holly and the Crickets sound cheerfully romps along in Don’t Have To Listen, then a rattling rhythm and banjo drives Pray For The Light. Too Much Blues has a pure rock n roll swing, suede shoes a must here to dance along to. The concluding title track is a bouncy country style  tune which just encourages you to keep your finger off the stop button and let the good times roll on with a repeat listen.

The music may be jovial but the issues are not  dealt with flippantly. Dirty deeds  and personal issues  are lyrically approached sensitively and with honesty, with most words penned by Lewis and Ian. They make up the Burner Band  with their refreshing brand of bluegrass and rock n roll . They expertly play all the instruments though they were supported on  pedal steel by Steven Hicken Jr. on Company Man  and Tim Howard on the title track, which romps along with Eagles-like beat.  David ‘Rebel Poet’ Holmes  also provided the lyrics for  the sprightly Search Deep Find Out, providing sound advice to overcome your troubles in a rocky country style.

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of the names or even if you are not particularly avid followers of the bluegrass country genre. Give The Burner Band a chance and you won’t be disappointed. Listen to this live version on which they are joined by Lewis Burner’s dad, Mark Pugh, on banjo and Lewis Beresford on snare drum.

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