Becky Krill – Little Girl: Album Review

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, producer and all-around talented artist Becky Krill storms back onto the scene with a new album, Little Girl.

Released: 30th July 2021

Label: Mode Of Motion Records

Format: Digital

Prominently based around a folk-pop meets electronic indie persona, there’s something for everyone buried within each of Becky Krill’s songs. Feeling like the sort of album you’d stick on when needing a motivational boost, ‘Little Girl’ consistently brings something new to the table.

Exploring themes of self-discovery, identity and standing up for what you believe in, the album feels like a big middle finger up to haters, bullies and racists. From the first single ‘Alive in the Summertime’ ethereal production to passionate folk-based release Bubble, there’s no limiting Becky to one musical avenue. Led by hip-hop infused drum beat, Father Figures speaks about how father figures always let Becky down. Featuring the album’s name Little Girl, track number three will leave you swaying addicted to its rhythm.

Nightmare features DJ duo Vice Verses and comes across as an infectious indie number with dance elements throughout. Armed with a memorable vocal hook and jangly guitar melodies, this track has star quality written all over it. Magic Woman takes the tempo down to mid-beat yet still comes across as vivid and able to steal your attention. Lucky One has Imogen Heap meets Sara Bareilles written all over it. From its ambient attire to the confident instrumentation, this will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

The most played track on the album is the previously released single ‘You Win’, and we can see why. Bathed in a nostalgic yet refreshing arrangement, the blues-infused piano line will stay in your brain from here on out. Album closers That’s What It Takes, Prophet and We Play keep the momentum moving forwards for Becky Krill, and you can see why this talented artist is getting the recognition she truly deserves.

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