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Megan Dixon Hood – Third Lung: New Single

Back at the start of 2021, we highlighted Megan Dixon Hood as ‘One To Watch‘. She’s proving an inspired choice as she readies a debut album for 2022 while treating us to a new single, Third Lung.

Megan has a reputation for ethereal songs and stories that seem to provide a soundtrack dark, enchanted woods. Inspired by folklore, nature and human beings, the new song, Third Lung, follows suit.

Megan explains: “Third Lung is inspired by an interesting experiment from the ‘90’s called Biosphere 2, essentially a replica of the earth’s ecosystem. A group of scientists and adventurers lived within this earth spaceship, with a mission to learn and discover more about the planet. The experiment is often thought of as more of a failure than a success because of starvation and lack of oxygen. Biosphere 1 is the earth we already have. I find it so interesting that they tried to create a second ‘world’ to understand the real one.

And while the environment remains an inspiration, Third Lung feels like it offers something of a musical departure. The opening is ethereal and familiar enough yet there’s a prevailing sense that something’s going to give. Hovering in a celestial ambience soon gives way to an insistent vocal part and prompts thoughts of the influences that spring to mind. There’s an urgency in the skittering rhythm and the insistent vocal line and while some have mentioned Florence & The Machine, I get a sense of Fleetwood Mac in overdrive.

This is what we came for, We don’t have the answers, Living for the third lung,” hints at a sense of clinging on and hope for the future and unlike Biosphere 2, Third Lung is more successful. Megan’s thoughts that “Humans are curious creatures and I wanted to explore the idea that the earth’s living system is our third lung,” evokes the notion of how the Amazon Rainforest is known as ‘the lungs of the Earth’. The old adage of looking after waht we have while we still have it.

With a couple of live dates that have seen Megan back on the live circuit, she’s back for local fans on Thursday October 28th at The Deaf Institute, Manchester.

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