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Faceless Mirror – Another Night Will Fall: Single Review

Faceless Mirror are following up their incredible ‘Journey Home’ album with a batch of singles; the current one being ‘Another Night Will Fall.’

Released: Available Now

Label: Red Fan Records

Format: Digital

Faceless Mirror have released  a powerful, emotional single in Another Night Will Fall. Dave Cavanagh’s soulful voice delivers the message of hope for recovery and relief  from traumatic personal issues with passion and sensitivity. Everyone is more aware these days or have been touched by events in which there seems no clear path through, this tune forcefully and positively encourages and inspires you to  bear with the tough times. Dean  Macaw displays his slide guitar prowess throughout and his joyous, stunning guitar solo musically expresses that ‘a ray of  light will come’

The powerful images accompanying the music tastefully enhance the immaculate production from Michael Stavrou, who having been sent files of each members contribution collaborated with the band to mix them to their satisfaction.

With the current line up  of John ‘Derek’ Armistead on drums, Michael Hunt on bass guitar  and special guest David Fennel on piano for this song only the music on the current singles  exudes quality. ( ‘Mumma ‘ released earlier is also available to stream).

David Cavanagh says the song originates from the 90’s when he and Dean Macaw were in the Kelly Gang  but they recently revisited it and ‘laid down the guts of the song with acoustic guitar and vocal,’ to create the current song which according to the band ‘reflects on mental illness, and is very relatable to the mental struggles caused by the current lockdown and restrictions. And what we are hoping to expect once all of this is over. – A little bit of joy, and normality…

Dean Macaw praises the contribution of drummer, John ‘Derek’ Armistead: “Derek was last to come into the mix, as he is an awesome drummer as well as time keeper. He was already familiar with the dynamics of the song and TOTALLY BLITZED the drum parts..(Blew us all away!!)” His own contribution is worthy of praise too as he tells us he had to, “relearn and re-record all off the guitar parts with a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Stat, and Marshall amps.” 

Sadly, the  current lockdown situation ‘down- under’ is preventing Faceless Mirror from releasing a follow up album but they promise to release further singles of their new material in the meantime and I can assure you we are in for a treat. Thankfully Dean Macaw kept all the original practice tapes of Another Night Will Fall  so that after months of  reworking  the song to its present state we can have another taste of what is to come.

Listen to, and watch the video for Another Night Will Fall, below. You can read our archive of Faceless Mirror articles, here.

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