Anyone – In Humanity: Album Review

Prog ensemble Anyone release a 4th Album, In Humanity, a change to a highly improvisational progressive direction for the founder member, Riz Story.

Release date:  12th October 2021

Label:  TogethermenT Records

Format: CD / Dgital

It has been claimed that founder member of Anyone, Riz Story “has invented a new breed of rock.” (Billboard magazine). I would go further and say this the much needed new sound rock music has been looking for amidst all the albeit wonderful derivative music released these days. Riz’s new sound is a stunning breath of fresh air.

Like all iconic pieces of music it is by no means an overnight sensation. aA Riz explains: “the soundtrack to my feature film (and novel) of the same title … is highly conceptual and dynamic” and how he has been “ working on this album for almost a decade.”

His previous releases have also received acclaim. His debut album received a  a 5-star rating from Rolling Stone. In October of 2016 the single Fly Away, which  featured in Story’s debut feature film , A Winter Rose,  was  the most listened to rock song in America on digital formats, hitting  no. 1 on the DRT National Airplay Rock Chart.  The fourth full-length studio album , In Humanity, should  be similarly lauded following on from his last release in 2020 , On The Ending Earth.

Although the album has guest appearance from Jon Davison of Yes and also an Anyone founder member, the album represents a magnificent solo virtuoso effort   in performance, producing, mixing and mastering from Riz. A mammoth  improvisational effort!!

I’ll let Riz himself explain the concept behind In Humanity: “The story takes place in the future when mankind has made the earth uninhabitable and venture into the cosmos to find a planet that is even more beautiful than earth, which they immediately begin to destroy.

Despite a  mass of complicated time signatures, intricate arrangements and mind expanding  lyrics , this is highly listenable music. Yes, as a double album it is a hefty volume with a few tracks extending beyond 10 minutes but as an adventure into highly original  thought provoking  music it is a  cosmic experience  well worth the thrilling journey.  Elations is an extremely apt title to the opening track as  this white knuckle musical ride is an exhilarating  starter to the enlightening 1 hour 42 minutes to come. 

In these days of  downloaded  spotified surfing from one piece of music to another it is difficult to  commit to a full album at once but this is an album that’s worth the same effort you would put in to watching a Netflixed movie or a  binge- watched series.  And a hundred times more rewarding!

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