Brick Briscoe & The Skinny – iloveyousomuch: Album Review

Composer, filmmaker and producer Brick Briscoe goes balls out rock and roll on his new album

Release Date: 15th October 2021

Label: Bandcamp

Format: CD /digital

Apparently, he writes songs about you or someone you know. That’s been the template for a couple of albums although the new album finds Brick reportedly stepping outside the comfort zone. iloveyousomuch is simply Brick Briscoe along with Allen Clark III and Cory Folz in the guise of an ass-kicking rock and roll band.

They deliver the goods on nine songs that have a raw and rootsy and garage band feel. From the off in Dress Up, there’s a swagger and attitude, possibly even a hint of danger, that pulses through the album. Like, you don’t want to mess with these guys or give them a bad review in case they catch up with you in a dark alley. Best be diplomatic.

Initial impressions are that the songs are delivered with the hint of Jagger / Hutchence-styled arrogance, plus some of the jangly guitar power pop that you might find in a London pub in the late Seventies (or even on a Buzzcocks record). Nods to the Ramones and R.E.M. sound come together, most notably on the Summery The Smile On My Face which makes those initial feelings of trepidation behind. And then the occasional collection of guitar notes and phrases immediately conjure thoughts of Morricone and the Spaghetti Western. Even with the lead bass on the starkness of Capitol, more often than not though, the riff is king and the trio have certainly found a good use of some ideas that have been sat in a case, awaiting the opportune moment.

Up Yours, Up There slows the pace but not for too long as the fizz and the fire roll on. Three chords and the truth, the punk ethic, call it what you will. iloveyousomuch is musical primal scream therapy. What’s evident is the energy that comes from interaction with other musicians. Three people in a room together, as simple as that.

You can’t disagree with Brick’s assertion that “we rock together, plain and simple. We don’t f**k around and drag things on.” The perfect antidote to the loneliness that BB and all of us must have felt. Amen to that.

Here’s a flavour of BB & The Skinny:

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