Ashley Hutchings to relaunch A Winter Miscellany: News

A Winter Miscellany by Ashley Hutchings and Friends is getting a relaunch…

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Observant readers may have noticed that winter is on its way. Most years, the onset of winter also signals the distant approach of Christmas, a season and celebration that, in 2020, was all but cancelled by the still-rampant embrace of COVID. This year, we’re hoping that things will be better – and so is Ashley Hutchings. Last year, the Father of Folk/Rock (or, if you prefer, The Guv’nor), along with his son Blair Dunlop and the wonderful Becky Mills got together, during lockdown, at Ashley’s home in Derbyshire to record a wonderful album, A Midwinter Miscellany. Sadly, the ravages of COVID saw to it that the album didn’t receive the attention that it deserved and, in any normal year, would certainly have earned, so Ashley has decided to have another go and is relaunching the album for Christmas 2021.

A Midwinter Miscellany continues the great Albion tradition of celebrating the peace, contentment, restfulness and warmth of Christmas. If you missed it last year, At The Barrier thoroughly recommends that you don’t make the same mistake in 2021. Ashley is offering signed copies of the album for sale, and you can get yours by contacting him on Make your 2021 Christmas a REALLY special one!

Read the At The Barrier review of A Midwinter Miscellany here.

Watch the video for Sweet November – a track from the album – here:

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