Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry – I Can Be Any Woman: Video Premiere

We have a video premiere for I Can Be Any Woman by Kim & Lee – Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry.

The track is taken from the well-received Purple Kittens album. Kimberley Rew is known as an ace songwriter, but I Can Be Any Woman is a Cave-Berry tour de force – words, music, bass and vocal by Lee Cave-Berry

I Can Be Any Woman is a languid, but subtly intense, musical spell. Enthralling, beguiling and cheekily, sexily witty, all at the same time. Lee explains the inspiration behind this aural gem:

“I wrote this song when Kim and I were in our first year together. The original pilot of Star Trek has a story where the leading lady can become any woman Captain Pike (not Kirk, please note!) wants. I think I may have been channelling that. It didn’t make the cut for Spring Forward [Lee’s excellent solo album, produced by Kim], but listening to it twenty years later when tidying up my music files, Kim and I thought it had something. It totally came alive in the studio. I love Kim’s acoustic, and Liam’s subtle drums on it, but Ranjan Vasudevan’s Carnatic guitar! Ah…

She continues: “…one of the great things about knowing John Wright and being part of the Wednesday Session in Cambridge is that he finds all the best players. Ranjan has been appearing at the session off and on for many years. He is in a duo called The Light Waves with another local physicist, Lee Phillips. On Facebook Ranjan occasionally posts about the awards he wins playing Indian music. When we recorded I Can Be Any Woman I imagined how well Ranjan would sound on the track, so I called him. As we were in deep lockdown at the time, he recorded himself at home playing to the backing track. I love it.

2022 holds a few big anniversaries for Kim – the 40th for the first solo album, The Bible Of Bop, made with members of The dBs – including Mitch Easter, who almost immediately went on to work with REM – and also Katrina of soon to be Waves fame; and members of The Soft Boys, inc. Robyn Hitchcock, who had recently split.

It’s also the 25th Anniversary of Love Shine A Light. A Kimberley Rew composition which was UK’s last Eurovision winner, and also one of the handful of genuinely good ones!

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