The Risen Dread on Iron Maiden: Why I Love

Dublin-based Metal quartet, The Risen Dread have their debut album, Night Hag, set for release in January 2022. They’re clearly a band well brought up in the fine traditions of Metal. A man after our own hearts, The Risen Dread singer, Marco Feltrin, shares with us the reasons he loves Iron Maiden.

iron maiden
IRON MAIDEN – 2021 – by the amazing John McMurtrie

Going somewhere back in time when I discovered Iron Maiden, I was 13yo, and I was wandering in a local music store looking for Ramones Loco Live. After a couple of minutes, I came across The Number Of The Beast on shining vinyl. I didn’t know anything about the band. I bought the album just because I thought the cover art was cool.  I listened to all the tracks every day for two months.

After that, I listened to all studio albums, but I would say what made me a fan was right after watching Live After Death for the first time. The way they flawlessly played the tracks live and their energy and stage presence is up to this day something impressive (despite all the spandex they were wearing 😀 )

the risen dread
The Risen Dread

I joined my first band when I was 14, it was a cover band, and we used to play a bit of everything. At that point, Iron Maiden was one of my favourite bands, and I tried to sing some of their tunes (it didn’t go well :D) Even though I couldn’t reach Bruce’s notes, they still inspired me by their writing process, especially songs with historical themes. I started writing lyrics for my new band a bit after that, trying to put the same thought and research effort into writing lyrics.

Up to this day, I still enjoy the researching process before I start writing; it takes a bit of time for the final result, but you end up with more meaningful songs.

I’ve seen  Iron Maiden performing 11 times, and it is still impressive how they put on a great concert, performing with the same enthusiasm as their early days. It is unreal how Bruce’s voice can be versatile and dynamic for studio and live performances.

Here’s Maiden doing Rime Of The Ancient Mariner from the Flight 666 film

I have so many good memories of their gigs. It is a unique experience, even if you attend multiple gigs on the same tour. My favourite concert was probably The Somewhere Back in Time tour; watching Maiden playing Rime Of The Ancient Mariner live was impressive. The first gig after Bruce recovered from cancer was also incredible. He was performing as nothing happened to him at all.

After a long time without concerts for all of us, I can’t wait to get back to a big arena for 2 hours of Maiden awesomeness, check the new songs live, and listen to the classics once again. It is an impossible task to pick a favourite song, but I love Hallowed Be Thy Name (it was played at my wedding ceremony). I would also mention the lyrics for The Longest Day that is about the D-Day, the bass line on that track is also beautiful.

That’s all from me folks, see you at the next gig. UP THE IRONS!

Our grateful thanks to Marco for taking the time to share his thoughts.

Here’s The Risen Dread doing White Night (and featuring Andreas Kisser):

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