Oysterband – The Time Is Now: New single/video

Oysterband shape up for a major new album release in 2022 with the new single, The Time Is Now.

So – we’ve been promised lots of lovely Blue Oyster Cult/Quicksilver Messenger Service flavour guitar from the new Oysterband song.

One of the UK’s foremost folk rock bands they’ve never held back from confronting politically sensitive issues. With the eyes of the global community focused on how world leaders can agree a plan to address climate change the release of the band’s newest song The Time Is Now couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. The lyrics are a stark narrative on the impact we are already seeing as a result of humankind’s blatant disregard for the planet and its future. Its anthemic driving beat carries an air of urgency – a call to action.

Check out the song here:

Written by Ian Telfer he describes how the song evolved: “I started writing this set of words years ago, and Alan (Prosser) sorted out music for it not long after, so we knew it was a goer as a song. But having nailed the upbeat bridges and the chorus, I found the world kept changing in dramatic and alarming ways and the more I read and heard, the more I wanted to rewrite the verses to reflect events.  Eventually the guys said, “Look, you’ve got to stop somewhere!”  So this is what I had earlier this year.  But if I was writing further now, during COP26, I’d make it angrier, for sure!

The song is one of ten new songs recorded for Read The Sky – the band’s first set of new songs since Diamonds On The Water in 2014. The album is set for release by Running Man Records in March 2022 supported by a full UK tour during April and May – dates to be confirmed.

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Oysterband – RNCM November 2019 by Mike Ainscoe

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