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Faceless Mirror – Only You: New Single

Australian band  Faceless Mirror  release a third single. The evocative Only You is full of contrasts, blending power and mellowness. Mixed by guitarist Dean Macaw with lyrics penned by lyricist Dave Cavanagh, this is an awesome addition to their recent single collection. 

faceless mirror only you

Release date:   out now

Format:  stream / Youtube

At The Barrier is privileged to have received a new mix of Faceless Mirror’s newest single release Only You.

Dean Macaw tells us they wanted to have a large dynamic with the electric guitar to contrast the mournful acoustic guitar. This, mixed with  strings  and hammond organ creates an  “an eerie/haunting sound and feel as well as a more of a live sound.”

The strings have a  Lady Madonna feel added to the strong crashing guitar work.  Dave Cavanagh’s lamenting vocals  help to add to the anguish which resonates to anyone who feels that everyone is against you except for the one who can empathise with you. The combination perfectly blend together to express the isolation and angst created by this situation.

The instrumental fluctuations from light touches to the overwhelming pulverising effect makes this new release a wonderful addition to the previous two single releases which hopefully in the future will become an album release. 

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