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Max Clutterbuck is lead singer with lostboy. The band are gearing up to release their new EP entitled Love Among Angry People. Weight is the lead single from the EP. lostboy’s circle grew and grew during last year’s run of word-of-mouth, sweatbox gigs, releases, radio play and heavy streaming.

Alongside Clutterbuck, lostboy is made up of Jack Berry (lead guitar), Henry Robinson (bass) and Ethan Reeves (drums), coming together as a band via secondary school, a shared love of classic post-punk/new wave and the motivation to speak up for a generation’s pain and desires.

We welcome Max Clutterbuck of lostboy to At The Barrier as he shares his love of one of the greatest songs ever…Pulp’s Disco 2000.

Max Clutterbuck of lostboy

As a kid I was lucky enough to grow up around parents with an insatiable appetite for good music. Not the likes of popular names at the time, but music that would stick with me and guide my own tastes as I grew into music and writing. One of those many great artists was Pulp, and one of their many great songs was Disco 2000. An album drilled into me through countless car journeys, I became so hooked on it that by the time I was in secondary school, it was a staple in my long up/down hill trek into school. 

I love the honesty of it.

The lyrics don’t hide their meaning, don’t leave much to the imagination – I find something so contagious about the transparency of a plainly honest lyric. It’s hopeless, extravagant, and it sounds fucking great. The emotive way that Jarvis enunciates certain words as though he’s utterly taken aback by the thought of the one the got away has me in his grasp – I’m singing out the window before you know it. 

As a young lad I never did too well with girls, never did too well with a lot of things for that matter, and the failings of this song’s protagonist to grasp the girl of his dreams struck a chord with me for obvious reasons. It’s a song that any young person with a childhood crush should tap into, it tells some seriously honest truths.

The opening guitar riff becomes an instant ear worm, for me it’s similar to early Strokes records, chord based riffs that don’t mess about and get straight down into your feet. Not too long ago I found myself in the depths of a night out in Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach (if you’ve not been, you should), at their Saturday indie night and this song came on. To say I was elated doesn’t do it justice, I was mad for it. Nothing to do with how pissed I was off course.

Timeless – truly timeless.

Thankyou Jarvis, thankyou Pulp, I owe you one.

Many thanks to Max and lostboy for their contribution. Disco 2000 is indeed a timeless song from a timeless album.

lostboy have a handful of live dates lined up for the year:

  • Tue 3 May – Leeds, Oporto
  • Wed 4 May – Newcastle, Head of Steam
  • Sat 7 May – Manchester YES Basement
  • Wed 11 May – London, The Grace
  • Thu 12 May – Cardiff, Clwb
  • Sat 14 May – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

You can check out the new single from lostboy below. Weight is officialy out now and can be streamed on your chosen platform here.

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