Jonas Lindberg and The Other Side – Miles From Nowhere: Album Review

Swedish composer and producer Jonas Lindberg links up with his musical companions The Other Side on this astounding album Miles From Nowhere.

Release Date:  18th February 2022

Label:   Inside Out Music

Format:  digital / CD / 2LP vinyl

Pick any iconic prog band and you will hear them on  Miles From Nowhere which is the fourth release and second full-length album by Swedish producer and gifted multi-instrumentalist Jonas Lindberg. It’s an amazing feat to have merged all the sounds and progressive flavours and served them up on this fascinating piece of music, a melting pot of all that is grand in this musical genre.

A powerful opening on Secret Motive Man with some blistering chords, clear-toned vocals are joined by some stunning harmonies. Nestling in the background is some early Yes-type keyboards that mesmerizingly change into a Canterbury-style solo. This splendid opening track sets the scene for the forthcoming delights which follow and the quality which continues with the melodic Little Man. More majestic Floydian keyboards this time but the vocals are a strength throughout.

Summer Queen’s opening will wallow over you, just let the delicious swirling keyboards swallow you up before the delightful  Jon Anderson-esque vocals of Jenny Storm that dreamily whisk you off to another place. The rocky end is a complete contrast to the early parts of this track bringing this 15-minute epic to a stunning chaotic climax. An acoustic classical mellows briefly before an intricate guitar solo erupts into another crescendo the gentle vocals lull us back to some security. Then we are raucously are lifted up again but a delightful twinkling piano fades the track out.

The Oceans Of Time similarly reflects the calm and storm of the unpredictable seascape. But as in the previous track, this 10-minute piece allows Jonas to explore his many versatile talents as a guitarist, keyboard player and vocalist. Subtlely based on a simple sequence, the instrumental Astral Journey fluctuates between light and heavy with fascinating extensions and improvisations around the basic theme. Miles From  Nowhere demonstrates his skills as producer and instrumentalist than earlier recordings as  Jonas plays most of the instruments himself with a few more guest musicians  Simon Wilhelmsson (drums) and his brother Joel on lead guitar and Roine Stolt guesting on the title track.

Sometimes thunderingly heavy and sometimes serenely delicate a 25-minute opus that completes the album the title track Miles From Nowhere is a marvellous conglomeration of what we have heard from all the previous tracks. It is joyous celebratory music and for me, completes not only what would be my album of the month but my Progressive Rock album of the year.

Here’s the video for Oceans Of Time:

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