Faceless Mirror – No Shelter: Single Review

As gales batter our country Faceless Mirror release their new single. No Shelter reflects the torment  created in our fragile world.

Release Date:  Out Now

Label: Self Release

Format:  Digital

Of the song, guitarist Dean Macaw  says it, “touches on the divide between wealth and poverty, and what greed is doing to the earth and its inhabitants.

Whilst Dave Cavanagh’s vocals yell out with desperation  of  the misuse of the planet and its inhabitants and its devastating consequences Dean’s guitar  screams out power riffs and licks. Rhythm section John Armistead (drums) and Michael Hunt (bass)  steer the band  with meticulous  accuracy. Faceless Mirror is one tight unit with a very full and rich sound.

There  may be uncertainty for the future in our doom laden media led society but Faceless Mirror’s harmonious music gives us something to look forward to.

Faceless Mirror say this will be last single released from album as they need to finish the rest of . That will be a moment to savour.

Here is the new single and you can catch up on reviews of their previous reviews here.

Faceless Mirror: Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

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