Breathe Atlantis on Bring Me The Horizon: Why I Love

German metalcore quartet Breathe Atlantis have released their eagerly anticipated album Overdrive, out now via Arising Empire. An album that has them declaring: “On this album we just did what we felt like doing, we wrote and shouted everything from the soul. This is our most honest and emotional album we’ve written so far and I think it will speak to a lot of people.”  Singer, Nico Schiesewitz, from the band joins us at the barrier to explain what he loves about Bring Me The Horizon.

Bring Me The Horizon

As one of the most creative leaders in modern rock history, you just have to love Bring Me The Horizon. They invented a completely new style and freedom within metal and rock, and they are one of the reasons heavy guitar music might rise again to the popularity it once had. By featuring with some of the biggest up-and-coming pop artists, BMTH really know how to create a future sound that a big part of the scene will follow.

I remember listening to them first when I was a teenager. Fun fact: I only got to hear their music because I wanted to get some of their merchandise, which was pretty intense back then (a T-Shirt with a neon-yellow skull with a snapback). It was right after they released their song Chelsea Smile. I still remember when I was telling all my friends to check out this new British band with a sick sound and merchandise. From that moment until now I’ve continued to listen to them. The development they have made from their first album to their latest releases is so outstanding, there is no doubt that these guys know what they want to do.

BMTH influenced a complete generation of metal and core listeners and musicians. I think especially their album That’s The Spirit was something nobody was expecting. This completely new and modern rock sound was something that really fascinated me and definitely inspired me back when it was released.

They really brought that sound to their live show which I really enjoyed on their European run, back in 2015 or 2016. They were, and will be, a big influence on rock music in general and should have a place in every guitar music listener’s playlist.

Our thanks to Nico for taking the time to add his thoughts to the ever growing cases of Why I Love.

Here’s the new video from Breathe Atlantis – Going Down:

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