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Blunt Chunks – Blunt Chunks: EP Review

On the Blunt Chunks debut self-titled EP, Toronto-based artist Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien battles and copes with the conflicting emotions brought about by heart-rending experiences.

Release Date: 6th May 2022

Label: Bandcamp

Format: Digital

It’s not Shania country, it’s not Kate rock, it’s not Joni folk, it’s just Caitlin Woelfle-O Brien in the form of Blunt Chucks, and her eclectic musicality revealing her romantic and life experiences.

Caitlin explains: “The EP is about not knowing how to love properly, then being frustrated when heartbreak happens. It’s about escapism and wanting to be the best person you can be; not just for not just yourself, but for the people around you. I’d like to say I’m writing from a place of joy and gratitude, but I’m not writing from a place of hunger, and sorrow, and stubbornness.

Going Back is about as diverse as you can get; but when one considers that this 6-track EP has evolved musically and personally over a period of 8 years this diversity can be acknowledged.  Her experience in training in the Performing Arts has enabled her to express her thoughts and emotions in a variety of ways.

She has enlisted the support of notable artists too, amongst them are Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene), Jonny Spence (The Weather Station, The Queer Songbook Orchestra), April Aliermo (Hooded Fang, Phedre), Char Aragoza (Luna Li, Mother Tongues), Lucas Cheung (Mother Tongues), Lydia Persuad, Scott Hardware. 

Her lyrical library is as broad as her instrumental one, each track is meticulously constructed giving us beauty, brashness and a touch of barminess too. The songs reveal through heart-rending experiences, the hope for a better future and meaningful, truthful love. So I’ll leave the last words to Caitlin in her search to solve the ‘code of life’ she reveals: “Part of being an artist is imagining new ways the world could be – My songwriting process comes from that place, and is a coping mechanism for me to write songs when I’m heartbroken.”

Blunt Chunks: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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