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Mudlow – Red Rock: Video Premiere

Mudlow adds a slab of organic (raw, rustic – you get the drift) garage blues to their soundtrack of dark worries with the new single, Red Rock.

We’re chuffed to be able to premiere the mighty Mudlow’s latest video. It’s for the second single from the Brighton Noire ‘N’ B beat combo. Red Rock is out on Friday 13th May from their forthcoming album Bad Turn (ETA May 27th). A set that promises to be: “dark, dangerous and unashamedly funky.” A place where you’ll encounter bar stool beatniks and dive bar divas

Have a listen to, and a watch of, the video for Red Rock:

The movie is by Crawling King Snake Video and the excerpts from ‘The Jo-Lo Serpent Handlers’, Karen Kramer Films (1977). The album version of the track has been given a musical short-back and sides to make it radio ready by producer Paul Pascoe who regular ATB readers may know from Beat Hotel.

There’s also the bonus of a sleazy, queazy, mystery b-side; an iconic little ditty that is certainly quite unrecognisable from the powerful drive with which it’s normally associated.

Mudlow is: Tobias Mudlow (guitar / vocals), Matt Latcham (drums) and Paul Pascoe (bass / producer). A trio that generates a soundtrack of misfortune and desolation in their twisted version of what some call Americana. Not if they hear this they don’t…

mudlow red rock

Mudlow online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bandcamp

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