Dirty Honey – EP / LP: Album Review

Dirty Honey split a batch of sleazy Rawk and Roll across an EP and LP.

Release Date: 20th May 2022

Label: Dirt Records

Format: digital / CD

A band all armed and ready for a European invasion to hit some festival slots and do their thing in support of Guns’n’Roses, Kiss and Rival Sons. Quite an exciting prospect given the rush provided by this set of songs. Those headline acts give a hint of what to expect from Dirty Honey on an unusual combination of fourteen tracks split across an EP (six tracks) and an LP (eight tracks).

Why the two releases? Who really gives a (insert your own choice)? so let’s take the EP first – where the stop-start riff and rasp that kicks in on When I’m Gone and “got no shelter in the drivin’ rain, got no lady to ease my pain” line might stick to a well-worn path but never fail to get the hairs standing on end. The influence of those who’ve gone before and who might still be hanging in there – the Aerosmith – AC/DC-ness – is apparent from the new pretenders who’ve taken up the baton to ensure we’re not bereft of good old sleazy hard rock and roll.

Down The Road reinforces the Aerosmith big, bluesy ballad credentials – a road trip song, nay, anthem. All delivered with a sneer and an attitude – “I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna break you” is delivered with a real promise and bounce. Scars in the meantime, establishes the credentials to prove Dity Honey are a great fir on the Rival Sons tour. Big and bluesy and likely to be loud.

And now the LP. More of the same? Same picture different frame perhaps? Hard to spot the join from here as California Dreamin’ (not that one) almost segues in rather than providing a definitive opening salvo before reverting to stop-start-riff type. Oh yes and an increasingly frenzied journey towards the guitar solo blitz.

The jagged edges haven’t been smoothed out as the dirt continues on it’s relentless passage. The swagger that combines a bounce and a spring, a spring in the step even, through some saucy lyrics and even a nod to The Zep’s The Ocean riff at the start of Take My Hand.

Drenched with the core values of Hard Rock, the shots continue in short bursts that show how the Dirty Honey boys have drunk (…’supped’ as some would say, but certainly had a jolly good swig) at the well where those waters run deep. Their LP / EP…whatever, ensures we’re never too far from a chance to rock, groove or sway the hips along to some quality musical showmanship. The curtains are pulled on another lighter swaying moment; maybe you can guess from the title, Another Last Time, and the prospect of those Summer shows where they’ll share the hallowed ground in front of some large crowds…Dirty Honey won’t be out of place.

Here’s When I’m Gone:

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