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Mexican Dogs – Mexican Dogs: EP Review

Four songs of fuzzy and bouncy rock on the debut EP from Liverpool trio Mexican Dogs

Release Date: 13th May 2022

Label: Fretsore Records

Format: digital / limited CD & vinyl on Bandcamp

Mexican Dogs are a rio from Liverpool, fronted by songwriter/guitarist/singer and former member of Brides, Gaz Wilcox. He’s joined by Carl Rooney on drums and bassist Sonny Winder Rodgers (whose dad is Noel Gallagher’s guitar tech).

They’re cleary stoked to get a debut release only a short while into their career as the four songs tap into classic sounds of T.Rex, Led Zep and are balanced with a contemporary vigour. The Glam Rockness kicks in from the off on She Cries Blues whose tribal beat is accompanied by a compressed vocal. Typical of the sort of template adopted by The Blinders but with more of a swagger and brassy confidence and a mid song break down before the final lap.

The dirty guitar riff and another dose of what’s going to become a thundering ly familiar approach to time keeping characterize When It’s Gone. A sojourn into the falsetto of “All I wanna do…” is accompanied by another mid song shift of pace and mood and sudden ending. The laconic delivery and attitude on You & I is carried on a chugging beat coating the track with a retro feel particularly with the repetitive four note lead line and the potential for a lengthy sing along as the song builds to a turn it up loud conclusion.

The Glitter Band/Blinders drum beat and Bolan/Hunter-esque vocal Run, Run, Run is balanced with a heaftier part that’s part HardRock roots, part Are You Gonna Go My Way and part psych blues. Again, Mexican Dogs speciality of bringing things down before heading for the finish line with a final flourish comes into play. And a big finish it is too on Run, Run, Run. Take a bretah and await the next episode.

Here’s You & I from the EP:

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