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Last Of Eden – People Like People Like The: New Single

People Like People Like Them is the new single to be released by Halifax-based Post-Rock quartet, Last Of Eden. 

Hopeful Tragedy Records is proud to welcome its first artist from abroad on its roster, L.O.E (Last of Eden), who launched their debut EP pre-pandemic, with national UK acclaim. The band, currently touring in the UK with Alex Henry Foster, Last Of Eden has a new single out that coincides with some dates in the North.

People Like People Like Them is the first single to be released digitally through Hopeful Tragedy Records. It’s a towering piece of music that tries to capture and reflect triumph, heroism, anguish and struggle throughout society. Not as a political stand, but to hold a mirror up to humanity. Weaving speech and video into live performance to create a cinematic experience of popular culture and a reflection of our times.

The song title is inspired by a belief that we are unified and connected by shared greatness and that together we are strong. The track aims to capture the desperation, futility and shift in hope and power felt by anyone driven to despair at the state of the world. It aims to provide a reminder that by standing together we can overcome. We don’t have to take this anymore.

The words that resonate over the music are still as pertinent and relevant today as they ever were. They shine a light on how society exploits disaster, pain and conflict to turn a profit. It shows how far we still have to come as a society and how unjust the world still is.

Ahead of their new single release on June 24, the Post-Rock quartet has already done a headlining single launch show with FORT as support act, in Halifax, and they will be supporting Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows in Huddersfield on June 24 at The Parish and in Manchester, on June 25 at Deaf Institute.

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