EP Review

Bleek Noir – Sounds Behind The Night: EP Review

Latest three song EP from Bleek Noir.

Release Date: 2nd July 2022

Label: stream / DL

Format: digital

We’ve already had a taste with of the current Bleek Noir oeuvre with the Is It Only Me? single (“packed with brassy outbursts” – that’s the one). As the lead off track on the new EP, another listen simply confirms that our hint of Ray Davies songwriting and melody is still all present and correct in there. The two additional accompaniments serve up the usual quiver and shiver we’ve come to expect – “sure feels good to be the hand,” he croons on The Hand. One that might induce some freaky dancing at the local disco and a ditty that certainly wouldn’t be out of place in the Pulp Fiction soundtrack with Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace cutting a rug.

The razor sharp guitar lines slice through Behind The Night, Behind The Moon that blends Goth rockabilly coupled with a dash of dastardly and posturing falsetto and even a hine of some ghost town ska. There’s also a familiar sounding rhythm part that annoyingly evadesthe memory. This latter track might betray more of the Bleek Noir roots but is as instantly recongisable and anything in the ever increasing library of work.

Dunno about any other listener, but I now feel the urge to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and ride the ghost train…

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