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Charm Of Finches – Bluest Colour: EP Review

New three track EP from Charm Of Finches offers stark and spectral reimaginings.

Release Date: Available now

Label: Bandcamp

Format: digital

Australian duo, Charm Of Finches continue their steady path to world domination and a strong presence in the Northern hemisphere.

The title of the current EP is lifted from the final track Treading Water as Bluest Colour finds the duo working up a theme of introspection and melancholy – what they call “spectral reimaginings of songs.” Music that’s pared-back and termed “ghostly cousins of the more sonically layered album versions.” Oh and and a little bit of Joni.

So Treading Water itself sets the tone with a pastoral and dreamy acoustic bubble of words, notes and combination of two voices as one. It’s a lovely reworking as the sisters deliver a lullaby to soothe even the most troubled and darkest of souls. Next up, Concentrate On Breathing gets the full reimagined treatment – slowed down and easily accomplishing their aim to create at a haunting feel in the opening passage. Encouraged to spot their Jesca Hoop and PJ Harvey-sims, we’re seduced by the delicacy and the Lo fi compressed vocals. The sort of imagination and ambition that you;d find in the work of The Unthanks but in vintage dresses. More of these sonic experiments please…

River from Joni Mitchell is a cover they’ve chosen wisely and made their own, again including a hint of ambience before giving the song a faithful rendering. Another wishlist might see Mabel and Ivy going the whole hog and doing a full set of Joni Mitchell songs, yet in what’s becoming a robust library of their own work, these are the treasures that add an extra sparkle.

Last seen at The Met in May before they headed off into Europe, they’re back for a select few dates that include Gullivers in Manchester on 24th July.

Here’s the original video for Treading Water:

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