Long Distance Calling – Eraser: Album Review

Eraser sees the unique German progressive band, Long Distance Calling, release a new album highlighting the human abuse of the environment through their original soundscapes. 

Release Date:  August 26th

Label: e.a.r. MUSIC

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Environmentalists and prog rockers of all its modes unite on this dynamic album of prog at its best. Long Distance Calling should be one of the giants of modern day rock and deserve a wider exposure than they get. Eraser is another masterful album which follows up their previous effort; How Do We Want To Live?

In the brief opener to Eraser, Enter The Death Box, we are solemnly invited into the musical theme park of endangered animal species. Their wrath explodes immediately in Blades. The guitars crunch, grind and crash in a massive crescendo of rock with Janoch Rathmer’s drums reaching astonishing speed.

Kamilah is easier paced with a chunkier rhythm at first but quickens violently, racing along at a cracking rate but eases dramatically near the end. This is the first of  several longer pieces on the album and has as much muscle as the gorilla it is reputed to be about.  The longest, over 10 minutes…the shortest a shade under 3 and a half minutes, means your listening mettle will surely be tested  but your patience is ably rewarded with some fabulous soundscapes.

500 Years has some 70’s Floydian sounds but Florian Funtmann’s and David Jordan’s guitars will take you on a sonic guitar safari and as on this, and most Long Distance Calling albums, the absence of lyrics allows your musical imagination to run wild.

As the title suggests, Sloth is the slowest. Half expecting a prog version of Fairport Convention’s classic, Sloth soon explodes that idea; albeit dreamily. Luscious saxophone moves things along to provide some respite before Giant’s Leaving raises the tempo again with some amazing deadened guitar notes. But in this shortest of the tracks Long Distance Calling show how they can amazingly vary the pace at the drop of a hat. 

From the shortest piece to the longest. In Blood Honey these masterful Germans showcase everything that they are about; they’re atmospheric, they’re calm and raucous, they’re tranquil and menacing . 

With ringing guitar, some fast repetitive licks and a bouncy beat Landless King is the easiest on the ear but all their music is  pleasurable listening  and in the planned dates for 2023 the  live experience will be stunning. Spare a thought here for bassman Llan Hoffman whose blistering playing wows.

To complete this astonishing album is the epic title track. It represents the opinion that we are the cause of  our own environmental problems. The track displays all the inventiveness and passion we are coming to expect from Long Distance Calling.  The accompanying video, made in collaboration with Greenpeace, enhances the audio experience in vivid fashion.

View the video for Eraser below.

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