Bebawinigi – Stupor: New album news

News of the first album in six years from Italian artist Bebawinigi.

‘Stupor’ is the second chapter of the ambitious experimental project by singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actress, Bebawinigi. A juicy, dangerous and unexpected double LP resulting from years of live experience across the most avant-garde venues in Europe is set for release by Subsound Records on 7th October 2022.

The crucial factor in shaping the sound of the new album, avid usage of loops and dissonance sounds on her shows, led to creating what the singer herself describes as “obsessive songs” comparing them to magic formulas and Medieval rituals. Virginia explains: “Most of ‘Stupor’ was born from this! The idea of creating something new, fresh, something that takes the music forward and does not stagnate in a defined and crystallized genre”.


Bebawinigi ( born Virginia Quaranta) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, actress, composer who is often described as “Italian Diamanda Galas”. The name ‘Bebawinigi’, according to the artist, represents the graceless, grotesque, disturbing and inherently flawed creature that lies in each one of us, which we try to get rid of when we become adults, but it will always be part of us.

Bebawinigi isn’t a different person outside of her musical activities. Virginia Quaranta isn’t always calm and focused, but just like her alter-ego reminds a constantly morphing symbiosis of angel and devil. “Since childhood I have been used to singing in choirs this has greatly influenced my way of composing.”  That was the start of her path of exploring registers, timbres and colors: “As if there were so many different creatures in me in one body. It’s a long, lifelong process that comes naturally to me”.

 “It means wonder, surprise, astonishment and at the same time means the state in which you are unable to think and act normally because you are too drunk or high or sick,” explains Virginia, referring to the linguistic ambivalence between Latin and English. A journey through many different places linked by a single enchanted thread that is ‘Stupor’.

Here’s the video for 2016’s Fabula:

Bebawinigi online: Website / Youtube / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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