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The Leipzig-based Rock outfit blacktoothed released their new album JULI  back in July rather appropriately via Arising Empire. An album recorded in three bursts over two years with personnel changes with “lots of bad jokes and food with our producing team,” it captures a band showing their influences that run from far and wide and feed into the multi-genre nature of their music. From electronic pop to classic Metal, they’re a band who show no fear when it comes to following their muse.

blacktoothed singer Henrik (or Henni to his friends) joins us to pick on one of those influences which has engaged him and inspired him over the years, one of the great Metal bands, Judas Priest.

I still remember the time when I first heard Metal. It was 26 years ago, when I was nine years old. My brother came home with a record which looked super crazy. I didn’t know that this record would influence my musical life at that time. It was Judas Priest – Painkiller. I immediately fell in love with Rob Halford’s vocals which is just unique. The interplay of the guitars, the rhythm and aggression of the songs – everything!

I had no idea about music and didn’t know that Judas Priest were a huge band. I didn’t know they had already released several albums. So I went hunting for Judas Priest albums. My brother, of course, was super proud that I had found a love for heavy metal, so he kept giving me Judas Priest records for Christmas or birthdays.

Along the way I started learning guitar. My mom is a music teacher, so that wasn’t so hard! I am very grateful to her because without her I would not be a musician! I became a Judas Priest nerd! Every day, every free minute Judas Priest was on. This band became the elixir of life for me. When I was sick I listened to Priest, when I was in a bad mood I listened to Priest. Medicine for the soul!

At that time concerts were completely utopian, I mean I was still a child.

At some point we parted ways and I developed in a different direction, and listened to other music. But Judas Priest was still a part of my life. Rob Halford had left the band and for me it wasn’t the same anymore. So I had no reason to follow them. Kids make stupid decisions, I know.

After some time I had to have an operation because of a sports accident and suddenly my attitude changed abruptly. My brother gave me a sampler to take to the hospital. There were bands on it like Savatage, Dio, Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Kiss etc. There it was again, this feeling I had with Judas Priest. Satisfaction…

From then on it went only forward. First concerts, festivals. And then in 2005, the reunion! Rob Halford returns to Judas Priest. Oh my god, that was just the coolest thing ever!

I was an absolute metalhead, I still am today! Bands like Pantera, Black Label Society, Ozzy, Mötley Crü etc. came along.

2005 then finally! Judas Priest live… I will never forget that day. My brother and I in the front row, beer in one hand, metalhorns with the other hand. They just played all the hits! And to top it off, I was able to get a plectrum from K.K. Downing. What more can you wish for?

Two years later I formed Black Tooth Scares, an 80s hard rock band. I never tried to sound like Rob Halford, but I got inspired. After a few years and line-up changes Dave joined, Matti a few years later, I switched from guitar to vocals only… We changed our name to blacktoothed and our journey started. Matti actually writes all the songs – that’s ok, she’s a genius! She also listens to bands like Mötley Crüe, but also US pop and EDM. That makes every song so special, I mean 80s hard rock, pop, EDM and an 80s voice? Crazy but awesome.

All in all Judas Priest never stopped influencing me and I am still a huge fan! And maybe we’ll share a stage one day, but that’s more a dream than a reality.

In this sense – United we stand, united we fall!

Here’s Tidal Wave from the latest blacktoothed album:

Thanks to Henni for sharing his passion for a band with whom we must have all had close encounters – best not mention Take On The Wolrd and Top Of The Pops…

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