Bjorn Riis – A Fleeting Glimpse: EP Review

Bjorn Riis releases his amazing tribute to Pink Floyd, expertly replicating the sound every Floyd fan from the early days to the hiatus of the 70’s will instantly recognise.

Release Date: 1st October 2022

Label:  Karisma Records

Format: Digisleeve CD / Digital / Limited Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl LP 

The Airbag frontman delves into his true passion for a certain band, heart worn proudly on sleeve. After listening to the first 2 tracks you could have named this album ‘Wish You Were Setting the Controls For The Dark Side Of The Heart’s Mother’ as it pays more than a fleeting glimpse to Pink Floyd’s music.  Respectfully done though and showcases Bjorn Riis’ musical talent rather than criticise him for plagiarism. It’s as though he admits to playing their music “with all the right sounds but not necessarily in the same places.”

Floyd droids with any credibility will be able to recognise elements of each track with the more familiar and less familiar Floyd pieces, many of which have been merged to create the 4 tracks on the album. The titles Dark Shadows ( part 1 and 2), Voyage To The Sun and Summer Meadows give clues as to what to expect!!

Even the album cover has a passing resemblance to Floyd’s artistic images. Nevertheless, the tribute paid is deserving of credit from even the most purist followers of Floyd as his efforts are tasteful, respectful and expertly composed. Whether it’s Dave Gilmour’s melodic vocal and guitar style, Nick Mason’s individualistic percussive rhythms, Rick Wright’s swathes of keyboard or even Roger Water’s lyrics, you can pick out he has simply nailed the Pink Floyd sound even down to the vocal backing.

Four tracks is adequate, much more and you might as well listen to the originals. A Fleeting Gimpse is exactly what it says on the tin and merits a listen. With the support of Arild Brøter (Pymlico), Øyvind Brøter (Pymlico), Per Øydir, Durga McBroom and Mimmi Tamba, Bjorn has produced an interesting, creditworthy piece of mesmeric Floydian music. 

Bjorn Riis online: Website / Facebook / Youube / Instagram / Bandcamp

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