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Tallies – Gullivers, Manchester: Live Review

Tallies continue to show their great style and quality on the live circuit. We caught the band in Manchester in support of Patina; their latest album.


With space tight on the Gullivers stage, the Canadian quintet take the stage to a hushed calm in the crowd. Most of the set is understandably taken from Patina (our review here). “We’re so happy to be back at Gullivers,” announces singer Sarah Cogan after the band finish opener Hearts Underground. It is a joyous opener; and joy is one of the best words to describe the music of Tallies. They follow up with lead single, No Dreams Of Fayres.

Throughout the set, there are plenty of highlights that show the quality and conciseness of Tallies’ music. Cogan is a joy to watch and listen to on stage. Her evocative and emotive vocals in addition to her animated performance show her feeling of the music. She faces band members when they take the lead for melodies and dreams away with what she hears.

Drummer, Cian O’Neill, drives the songs with incisive and precise drumming alongside the crisp and breezy basslines of the band. Hearts Underground is the best case on the evening. The basslines snake up and down and make for a hypnotic piece.

When reviewed, we described Patina as a ‘glittering jangle of joy.’ Dylan Frankland is jangle master general with each song underpinned with his shimmering guitar. At one point in the set, Frankland goes a little too far with the jangle-ometer and breaks a string. Such is the indie nature of the smaller touring band, there are no guitar techs. Frankland changes his string as the band jam along. Cogan suggests it’s a good time to go get a beer!

Amongst the crowd, there is plenty of movement. This is reciprocated as all the band use what little space they have to help enhance their show. This is a band that is clearly lost in what they are doing and it is a travesty that they are not playing to more people in bigger venues as they are genuinely a gem of a band.

A few cuts from their self-titled debut make appearances; Mother and Easy Enough to name two. Both are delivered in style. Heavier cuts like Wound Up Tight veer more towards Wolf Alice than The Smiths in their demeanour and it is brilliant to see the band cut loose a little further. As the band bring their set to a close with the aforementioned Wound Up Tight, genuine thanks are offered and such is the nature of Gullivers, they depart through the crowd.

Tallies deserve to be much bigger. It is testament to their beautiful music that they are signed to one of the finest labels in UK; Bella Union; a label that has a sublime roster and one that they deservedly sit on. Hopefully, these Canadians will continue to wow us and grow. Save for those in the know; the world is missing out on something truly wholesome.

Check out Memento from Patina below. Tallies continue their tour of the UK this week, and on into Europe. Get all the info here.

Tallies: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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