Massive Wagons – Triggered!: Album Review

Life’s a hairy peach? Massive Wagons doing what they do best, letting rip on Triggered!

Release Date: 28th October 2022

Label: Earache Records

Format: CD / digital / vinyl (numerous options)

Let’s make this short, simple and to the point. In fact, just like Massive Wagons have been doing on a regular basis every couple of years for the past decade and will no doubt continue to do.

I try not to swear in my songs” but it’s unavoidable. Who hasn’t yet been on the end of the ritual by receiving the middle finger ritual blessing from Baz Mills? In a series of strikes, the first side (yes, we’re playing the record – the vinyl…) of Triggered! comes packed with a clutch of singles that provide a series of knockout punches, each one landing a blow where the effect is to flick the scanner, or replacing of the needle. ‘Play it again’! In fact, let’s put our money where our mouth is and say that Triggered! could rival the Lep’s Hysteria in being an album saturated with a variety of potential singles.

Diving deeper, the title track, a burst of Jerry Lee Rock’n’Roll, has a touch of early Maiden hammer about it with the Thistlethwaite/Holl twin guitar attack in perfect harmony and there’s an admission of being “huge country fans” that comes through in Big Time. While there are rare moments of reflection amidst the bluster and breakneck delivery from the whirlwind of energy that is frontman Baz Mills, on an album of bangers, Never Been A Problem sneaks in as a late album contender as the ‘bangerest’ or ‘most bangy’ of all – swinging with a massive, Massive Wagons sass and bravado. Mugging it up for promo pics, videos as Lego mini-figures, dressing as cheerleaders, or being portrayed in Muppet style, Massive Wagons bring a huge dose of Sid James/Carry On fun (along with a philosophy of sheer hard work) back to the Hard Rock field. No wonder the fans want some of that.

The past, present and future, not to mention the true spirit of Rock and Roll. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves with passion and pride. Simple songs and simple messages delivered with a panache that sees Massive Wagons take the rostrum as an unpretentious band of the people. Yes, there’s the raw edge, punky even in some of the breakneck tempos, that they were aiming for and some serious messages at the core that they’re in a position now to shout about – but not in a Bono sort of way. They’d probably say they have no time for any of that sh*t – just being proud of who and what they are. God save Massive Wagons and all who sail in her!

Here’s latest single, Skateboard

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