Aynsley Lister – Along For The Ride: Album Review

Following a fantastic Summer festival and venue tour, reputable British blues/rock man and exceptional guitarist Aynsley Lister releases Along For The Ride, arguably his best yet!

 Release date:  11th November 2022

Label:  Straight Talkin’ Records

Format:  all streaming platforms

On his recent tour, a mere handful of tracks from this new and eighth studio album ,were sprinkled into the setlist and blended well with the old and more recent favourites. However, if he had chosen to reject most of the latter and dedicate the evening to more from this album, everyone would have been equally satisfied. 

There is not a weak track among the 13, which cover a wide range of themes from the expected romantic themes as on Wait For Me, to social issues on The World is Failing and interestingly songs based on TV drama Killing Eve (Eve parts 1 and 2). As expected, stunning solos and powerful riffs are plentiful but to me, the quality and variety of the song composition is also a strong point and this album is destined to be a favourite with  Aysnley Lister fans.

Although his association with blues glitterati John Mayall, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy have firmly established him as part of the blues fraternity and No One Else But You is straight out of the Chicago blues style songs like the emotional Bide My Time and Cast A Light. The bouncy Masquerade and title track, Along For The Ride, show that he can appeal to a broader audience too.

His versatility and ability to soothe, rock and get us to sing along comes through heavily and is a must-buy for diehard Aynsley Lister fans. Newcomers will be keen to visit his previous 7- strong studio albums.

Here is a live version of Made Up My Mind from the Summer Tour:

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