Rosie Brown – Detail From A Dream: Album Review

Rosie Brown presents an eclectic mix, merging the genres into a meaningful whole.

Release Date: 20th November 2022

Label: Stück Records

Format: digital / CD

With MOJO and The Independent accolades filling her sails, Rosie Brown forges ahead with her fourth studio album. Weaving influences that come from afar as folk, jazz and blues influences, and join country, classical and 60s surf in the melting pot, Detail From A Dream is an eclectic mix. Add in key reference points from artists who only need a surname such as Mitchell, Drake and Martyn and we have a most tempting proposition. all housed in a beautifully retro cover art

You may have heard Black Dog, the first single release from the album, complete with its “KD Lang meets Zeppelin; or Suzanne Vega meets Radiohead” tag. That would be the Zep circa album # ‘III’ with the folky acoustic twists and turns. And unlike Page/Plant & co, not named after the beast that used to roam Headley Grange, but about depression and night sweats – “the dark times when everything caves in and seems impossible.”

The fragility of Last Night’s Rain might have some of us attempting to hold our breath for longer than might be good for us. With Rosie’s voice and guitar accompanied by the additional guitars from Bernd Rest and the bottom end filled by Simon Russel and Paul May’s basses and drums, it sets the tone of expectation for a rare subtlety that sets the scene for some beautifully built songs. Miss Arturio is made of similar cloth with some light touch fingerpicking and breathy harmonies. The range continues to broaden as a dreamy Mediterranean vibe flavours All Around The World where the jazzy touches segues into Les Ondes Du Monde; distant strings, cool sighs and relaxed rhythms all combining.

The cleanliness – I guess it’s probably what you might term ‘attack? – of the rockabilly electric guitar on the finger clicking Lucky The Moon is a fine example of how the engineering and recording has created a warm and intimate experience that sounds great. The space allows the vocals to shine and feel right up close and gives the chance for the subtle instrumentation to breathe.

Like A River Flows sees Bernd taking on lead vocal. Another typically easy-on-the-ear piece, it might be their nod to musical hero JJ Cale, but similarly, only a step away from some of the long-gone West Coast coolness of Crosby, Stills & Nash. The late nite candelight ambience continues with the blues gospel jazz lament on Oh Bury Me and while the curtain call comes with the instrumental Juno Largo where cameos from the wind instruments get to make their deepest mark, we’re left to reflect on a set which exudes warmth and feel.

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