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Angel Snow – Make It Rain: New Single

New single from Angel Snow finds her revealing the first fruits of her journey into Tom Waits territory.

We commented on the intimacy and revealing nature of her Low album last year, and now we find Angel Snow making her next move, knee deep in the music of Tom Waits.

Make It Rain is the first single to come from her album of Tom Waits covers – Head Full Of Lightning – set for release in March 2023.

It’s a perfect match, with a sympathetic and gently throbbing arrangement with a mournful string cameo that bodes wonderfully well for the album. There’s a clear empathy that Angel brings to Make It Rain. It may even be the gateway to Tom Waits for those who find his music a challenge!

I chose to include this song on my Tom Waits record because I love the authentic expression he uses in his words and tone on this particular song,” says Angel, “It’s so visceral and transports you directly to the time and place of the transgression and aftermath – you feel his every word. I wanted to try and convey my own expression with his words.”

angel snow

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  1. always great news to hear what Angel Snow is up to, one of the most underrated voices in Americana/folk/ambient music scene..this looks to be interesting tackling Tom Waits with that beautiful, atmospheric voice of hers, first single has some nice touches, would work on Americana radio, she needs to be heard!

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