Kitten Pyramid – KIDDO: Video Exclusive

Experimental Pop Proggers, Kitten Pyramid release a new video for the KIDDO single tomorrow – We have an exclusive peek!

We were most impressed with the KIDDO album from Kitten Pyramid (our review) which now sees the title track selected for their latest music video. It was shot and edited by Jordan Carroll and assisted by director Brett Chapman. Jordan also happens to be the director of photography and co-producer and Brett wrote and directed the forthcoming short film of the same name, out via the horror channel Alter on Dec 29.

As the album is the 3rd part of the planned trilogy, Scott and Chris decided to wear the majority of hats and clothing worn over the past 10 years for the video and the sentiment of ‘it’s a looong time coming’ acknowledges the time it’s taken to make the trilogy! (and for Scott to finally go vegetarian).

We had great fun mucking about in the studio with Toby and we love what Jordan’s created, it’s the first time anyone else has made a video for us as we’ve been DIY’ing until now. Can’t wait to do more with him next year,” says Scott.

The video also includes a cameo appearance from actor Toby Gaffney (The Bill, Eastenders, Coronation Street) who plays the terrifying farmer ‘Bev’ in the short film. Toby enthuses: “That was honestly the happiest and smoothest  film shoot I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with and to be in the music video too…that was just the cherry of fun on the cake.”

Here goes with KIDDO:

The song itself was recorded with bandmate and producer Nick Brine from Flip Flop Records and recorded at his Leeders Vale Studio in Ebbw Vale, Wales written after a heavy mushroom tea day.

It’s only the second time we’ve indulged in a cuppa,” says Scott. “The first was when we recorded ‘Bounty’ for KOOZY!!, and I wrote the whole song in one quick plop. Testament to Nick, he didn’t freak out at the idea of recording a song during the mastering/tweak session of the album and we did it in a few hours. Nick came out of the loo and said “I’ve got an idea of for the chorus” and screamed “looong time comiiiing” which was ace!”

Speaking of the trilogy, he adds: “I guess the last thing we would have recorded for the 3 albums over a ten year period are loops of Nick trumping into a microphone. Whenever I talk about vegetarianism to carnivores they always harp on about animal farts harming the environment, so it seemed a fitting reply. Nice, mature way to end a three album journey too!”

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