Dune Sea – Orbital Distortion: Album Review

Nearly two years after the release of their critically acclaimed second album Moons Of Uranus, Norwegian psych/stoner rockers Dune Sea return with their third effort that sees the trio delving further into space rock, taking off on a grand musical journey into outer space.

 Release Date: 11th November 2022

Label:   All Good Clean Records, 

Format: streaming

Their riff-laden Cosmic Rock album Moons of Uranus took my breath away. The third studio album from Dune Sea gives us more exhilarating sonic experiences.

Astro Chimp wastes no time and gives us a blistering and fuzzy reminder of what these Norwegian rockers can give us. Don’t expect any let-up as Hubro smashes out a Syd Barrett meets Hawkwind-like stormer of atrack. The riveting beat on Euphorialis puts in a groovy dancing frenzy with a super twangy bass ending, with some inclination towards some of those rock n roll instrumentals of the 60s but much heavier and spicier!

One can easily picture a fierce Norwegian monster with the gruff hoarse vocals on Draugen. The thundery weather effects subside bringing the track to a calm conclusion, but don’t think for one minute you are safe as another fearsome monster of a track emerges with Gargantua where fiery riffs are continually thrashed out.

Trinity has a more jazzy feel with some intricate drumming time signatures and choral vocals. More mellow than the rest of the album, it provides some respite before Anesthesia whips us up yet there is a  more catchy lyrical element to it.

If the final track Hevn is based on a Nordic futuristic adventure set on a distant planet. It must be a  terrifyingly exciting experience as it pounds away at a hundred miles an hour with some mind-numbing riffs and speedy electrifying guitar solos.

I hope the guys aren’t insulted by referring to them as Norway’s Hawkwind but they are enthralling, mysterious and hugely entertaining and deserve a high position in the echelons of Norway’s heavy rock strata!

Here’s Euphorialis:

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