Cobalt Tales – Ever Changing Blue: Album Review

Experienced folk circuiteers  Nuala Keller and Pat Sherrington join forces in Cobalt Tales and release their compelling debut album Ever Changing Blue.

Release Date: Available Now

Label: Bandcamp

Format:  CD / DL

Ever Changing Blue is the first album from Cobalt Tales, a new folk duo made up of multi-instrumentalist songwriters Pat Sherrington and Nuala Keller. They have used their experience and much encouragement from family and colleagues to put together an eclectic collection of songs that should have you looking out for their next live performance which exudes personality and musical expertise. Needless to say, we caught their recent gig at Over Hulton Folk Club.

British folk music now covers different styles and some are evident on this delightfully entertaining album. Gentle harmonies and soulful vocals help deliver these heartfelt songs. Support from Martin Stephenson on keyboards and percussion gives these already impassioned songs an additional lift.

A gentle country rocker Heather In My Heart opens the album with some subtle bass runs adding warmth. The charming Benchers shows how their vocals blend perfectly with some crystal clear harmonies. Pat’s mournful vocals take the lead on John Dee then the mood takes a more upbeat swing on the foot tapper title track Ever Changing Blue. Say Something is a sweet country-style imploring lament which matches any country classic you may have heard while light and heavy touches give a country bluesy feel to Littlest Girl which could be destined for smoky bar rooms.

Halfway through the album, you may be wondering what this talented duo can come up with next. The answer isn’t long in coming as gentle Celtic pipes open the ballad Hesitant and a medieval flavour runs through the folky shanty Granuaile and This Is My Land.

Mellowness and rockier moments blend wonderfully with the thought-provoking themed songs and a well-balanced production. Their songs can be sensitive without being sickly, delicate but not dreary, rocky without being rowdy. The ever-changing moods,  exquisite vocals  and subtle musicianship make for an extremely entertaining listen whether you want something to warm a chilly evening indoors or cheer a dull car journey. 

The album is dedicated to Nuala’s mother, Bridget ‘Betty’ Keller, whose delightful vocals adorn the final track, The Spinning Wheel,  clearly demonstrating the strong influence she has had on Nuala.

Cobalt Tales: Website / Facebook / YouTube

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