Anchor Lane – Call This A Reality?: Album Review

Anchor Lane return with their new album following up 2020’s Casino.

Release Date: 27th January 2023

Label: R7 Records

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Call This A Reality? is the brand new album from Anchor Lane. It is the follow up to their previous effort, Casino, which saw the band launch themselves into the top 10 of the rock charts. Due to the global pandemic, the band couldn’t get out and tour in support the album but they are ready to make up for it now.

This Glaswegian modern rock/metal band showcase vocalist and bass player Conor Gaffney’s skills to a new level.  As one of the lead singles, Stutter opens the album. It is a perfect introduction to the album with a euphonious guitar solo from Lawrence O’Brien that will bless your ears. 

Musically, Call This A Reality? is a joy but the lyrics play a great part in the album and the songs are so vivid that it gives an image of being young and care-free.

Lawrence O’Brien again shows he has skills that just keep on giving as we’re treated to more talented guitar solos on the superb Nitroglycerin. A perfect blend of influence from Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves, this song illustrates a toxic person; ‘You’re my devil/You’ve punished me all of my life’. An amazing song to scream at the top of your lungs.

It doesn’t stop there as Electric Karma livens the atmosphere. The tempo of this song is perfect to mosh to. Lines in this song also highlight the clear messages behind the song. “Oh, I need, I need some electric/To make my life a little less hectic/Some people call me eccentric.” These lyrics not only are catchy, but begin to express the emotions that one goes through when feeling anger and wanting revenge.

To conclude this sensational album, Conor, Lawrence and Graeme outdo themselves with the final song I Don’t Have Another Soul to Pour. The song ends quite abruptly, and is a perfect closure to a stunning album. Whether you’re familiar with Anchor Lane or you’re yet to discover the hidden treasure, Call This A Reality? could be destined to be a modern classic.

Anchor Lane will be touring the UK during February to promote the album on their headline tour. Make sure to get along to a show to see for yourself. Details of the tour can be found here.

Take a listen to I Don’t Have Another Soul To Pour from Anchor Lane, below.

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