Gracie Abrams – Good Riddance: Album Review

Gracie Abrams makes a return with her debut album Good Riddance, following the release of 2021’s This Is What It Feels Like EP.

Release Date: 24th February 2023

Label: Polydor/Interscope Records

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Good Riddance is the debut studio album by Gracie Abrams, following the release of her two EPs: Minor in 2019 and This Is What It Feels Like in 2021. Remarkably, Good Riddance is already charting in 27 countries with only three singles being released.

The American popstar opens the album with Best – a calm song which introduces the listeners to a new era as well as the story behind the album. The lyrics ‘I never was the best to you,’ show regret in not giving enough in a relationship in which listeners could relate with.

Good Riddance is a delight to listen to and the lyrics always accentuate the pleasing vocals – the songs are so delicate that they create a feeling of relief and moving on from a relationship.

The use of instruments compliments the vocals on the track released back in January – Where do we go now? Live, this song is so atmospheric; it really is heart-warming watching fans admire Gracie herself. The song gives a feeling of emptiness due to a loss of a loved one. ‘Cause now I’m half of myself here without you/You’re the best in my life and I lost you/And we had no control when it fell through/It was one-sided, hate how I hurt you’.

Gracie is the gift that keeps on giving as This is what drugs are for sets the mood even more. This song further explores the theme of loss: ‘Though I’ve tried, I can’t pretend/That I don’t sit around and think about you’. Simplistic, but effective.

Album closer, Right now, is a brilliant and haunting finale. The nearly-six-minute track is a reflection of her life and the floating feeling that recurs throughout the album. Gracie’s final lyrics deliver as a sigh of relief. “I’m more alive somehow / I feel like myself right now”. It’s a clear way to end her debut album; one that successfully portrays her message of loss and regret and showcases Abram’s maturity which will set her up for an amazing career.

Gracie will be touring the UK during October to promote the album as well as joining Taylor Swift on her Era’s Tour in America this year. All her dates are here.

Listen to Right Now from Gracie Abrams, below.

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