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All change for Manchester/Leeds Prog Metal combo Prognosis, as their evolving sound and lineup prepare to unleash their new songs.

The band has just announced details of a new three-track EP, EsigenThe first release from the new-look outfit was crafted to both lyrically and musically symbolise the band’s recent transformation, with its three songs set to be released as singles throughout 2023.


Their first new music in two years, the track showcases the band’s maturing sound, which is energised by the addition of versatile new vocalist Corban Skillånder. The lead track Phantom Force, drops 14th April. It’s a real banger with an emphasis on a dynamic that shifts from the false security of gentle lulls to brutal aggression and certainly lives up to its title.

Following from their last single, 2020’s Dark WatersPhantom Force expands upon its predecessor’s genre-blending exploits whilst blending new ideas and a modernised sound with the band’s signature counterbalance grit and accessibility.

On the lyrical narrative behind Phantom Force, new singer, Corban Skillånder says: “The song is about an intangible force, something that we don’t understand being able to influence ourselves, our actions, and the world. Across the EP, we’re exploring our relationship with the world and transformations, both personal and metaphysical, within it.”

Esigen will feature three songs that will represent a wide spectrum of the band’s rapidly evolving sound. In a unique approach to releasing music, each track will be mixed and mastered by different engineers and accompanied by vastly different music videos which will offer unique experiences each time.

This era of Prognosis feels like a completely different animal, and I couldn’t be more excited by the music we’re creating together,” says guitarist (PROG writer and occasional ATB contributor) Phil Weller. “Our relationship as songwriters is growing stronger and stronger, and with Corban [Skillånder] fronting the band, our creativity feels limitless.”

Skillånder adds: “I couldn’t be happier to be fronting this new era of Prognosis. The guys have made me feel like family right away and have been so welcoming and encouraging towards my creative input, it really feels like it really is our band. The future is super exciting.”

The band has previously shared stages with Opeth, Devin Townsend and Conjurer and performed at Bloodstock, Into The Grave and Prognosis (no affiliation) festivals. Debut album, Definition, released with an accompanying book of short stories penned by Weller, which further explores the lyrical content of each track. PROG Magazine described the book as being full of “intriguing tales of outsiders and charlatans which marry music and word in a fresh way,” whilst Bandcamp has described Prognosis’ songwriting as “a poetic take on prog metal.”

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