Maddie Morris – Upstream: EP Review

Young Folk star Maddie Morris makes a stand on the Upstream EP.

Release Date: Out Now

Label: Haystacks Records

Format:  CD / Digital (Bandcamp)

Maddie’s journey towards becoming one of the top female vocalists not just within the family of folk but within the world of music is given a huge kick start with this short collection of songs. Her performance as Young Folk Artist of the Year at Cropredy last year stunned the huge audience to silence as her unaccompanied voice held everyone in awe. 

Listen to Barbara Allen and Philomela, you will see exactly what I mean. Her sweet and soulful vocals tell the stories and express her social awareness in a fresh, spellbinding way. On the EP  we have the added bonus of some gentle sensitive backing from guitarist Pete Ord, Kath Ord on strings and Jan Ord on the piano that enhances the listening experience. However, it’s always the voice that takes prominence

Paying respect to traditional folk, her adaptation of Down By The Greenwood Side opens the EP but the rest are purely Maddie’s compositions showing a unique view of the world from Maddie’s eyes. The EP closes with a nod to Public Service Broadcasting with an introduction of spoken voices which I presume are from radio broadcasts for the song The Salmon.

This delightful blend of musical storytelling and strong political views without being preachy is a fascinating introduction to her music and along with her bubbly personality should make her an entertaining addition to any folk world stage and hopefully beyond.

Maddie Morris online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

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