John Foxx – Avenham: Album Review

Legendary synth pioneer John Foxx releases stunning ambient album.

John Foxx - Avenham

Release Date:  Out Now

Label: Metamatic Records

Formats: CD / Download

Ambient music is either your thing or it isn’t.  If it isn’t then you’re missing out on moments of pure calm and relaxation.  Times when you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings and, feel as though everything in the world is good again.  Moments of harmony, of appreciation and of ecstasy.  If it is your thing, then you have special experiences when you listen to it.  The latest offering from John Foxx is one such album.

Hot on the heels of the piano-based The Arcade Project, Avenham takes us on a meander to one of Foxx’s favourite places whilst growing up.  One of the central communities that makes up the town centre ward of Preston City Council, it includes landmarks such as the Harris Museum and the Harris Institute, the latter is featured on the album cover artwork with beautifully added/merged trees on its inspiring staircase to the front entrance.  It was also recently uncovered as being a cannabis factory at the former art school but, that’s a story for another occasion.

Avenham, the album, is very much a one-man show with all instruments played by the Chorley-born Foxx.  Sweeping synths in a gorgeous orchestral style feature throughout and are nothing short of perfect.  A very natural feel, sounds floating on a Spring breeze in between trees and grasses and fauna – life caressing and whispering your every movement.

From the opening On Waking to the (sadly cut short too soon) title track, this is nothing short of stunning.  Faultless throughout, it yearns to be played over and over and over again.  Dream Through Trees almost does exactly what it claims in its title and A Murmuration does indeed take the listener on a flight above the clouds and through the clouds.

It may sound fanciful but Avenham truly is an album to aspire to.  Call it ambient, call it neo-classical you cannot call it anything but impeccable and flawless.  It’s only April and John Foxx has already made two of the albums of the year.

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