From Fall To Spring on Mudvayne: Why I Love

German Nu-Metal six piece, From Fall To Spring, has just released their debut album RISE via Arising Empire. They deliver a blend of bone-crushing heavy guitars and catchy hooks and melodies, topped with high speed rap.

The band made a strong first impression with their two self-produced EPs, A Better Tomorrow (2017) and Disconnected (2019), which earned them over one million streams. Their rise continued with the singles Supernova, RISE and BR4INFCK, which have collectively hit over four million streams. They signed to Arising Empire in 2021 and have since released six more singles which have seen a further 11 million streams on Spotify alone. 

Another Metal band with Eurovision ambitions, they’ve performed at Full Force, Pell Mell Festival and more in 2022, followed by a headline tour across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

FFTS bass player Léon takes up the Why I Love challenge, picking out American Metal band, maybe best known for their face and body paint, masks and uniforms, Mudvayne.

When I first heard Mudvayne I was about 17 and I checked out their song Dig on YouTube out of pure curiosity. I had read the name somewhere and thought I’d find out what it was all about and man was I in for a treat. The video for the song might be a bit strange, I admit, but the song itself…

I had never been much of a nu-metal lover before as I came from more of a hard rock kind of background, and had just gotten into the ‘core’ stuff during my later school years. So, naturally, this was something rather new to me. I had just found a new favourite band and I was in heaven.

Their debut album L.D. 50 still holds a special place in my heart as it was my introduction to the band, but also due to Ryan Martinie’s playing. I had only recently started playing in bands and also picked up the bass, so hearing him do his thing was just mind-blowing. The way he managed to aid the drums in building a crushing rhythmic base to their sound, while also making the bass stand out with slap lines and melodic runs, has become an inspiration to me that still drives me to become a better player. Now I’ll never get to that level, but it’s always nice to have some kind of motivation. Later when I got into doing metal vocals, obviously Chad Gray became one of my main influences. The way he manages to sound desperate, pissed off and just downright brutal in a short amount of time always amazes me.

With these two standing out to me I gotta say though, it is all four of them who create the sound that I still love. I watched countless live shows after I discovered them and man, they are a force on stage.

Naturally, I was pretty bummed that they had gone on hiatus before I even got close to a chance of seeing them actually live. So fast forward to 2021 when I saw the first posts hinting at their comeback, I just couldn’t believe it. Now I’m just waiting for the guys to make their way over to Europe so I can finally see them play the songs I love live, or even one day share the stage with them.

Big dreams, I know, but hey… hope dies last.

Our thanks to Léon for his contribution.

Here’s FFTS doing DRAW THE LINE:

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