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The Nadas – Other Side Of The 45: Single Review

The Nadas issue a bright, breezy, rocky foretaste of their forthcoming album

Release Date:  19th May 2023

Label: Authentic Records

Formats: Download, Streaming

Mike Butterworth, vocalist, guitarist, pedal steel player and co-founding member of Iowa’s The Nadas once said: “We have always written songs from the heart as we have grown up and matured, our fans have gone through the same things in life and have come along for the ride.”  Well – that’s a statement that’s certainly true of the band’s exhilarating new single, Other Side Of The 45 – a bright, breezy and irresistibly rocky Pavlovian foretaste of their forthcoming album, Come Along For The Ride – scheduled for release on 8th August.

The single is “A message to the younger generations of musicians who are leaving the garage and hitting the road in a van to play shows, hoping that people will listen,” and that’s an experience that I’m sure will resonate strongly with many At The Barrier visitors.  It’s certainly a memory that still sends shivers of anticipation down my spine – 40+ years since I went through that particular transition with my own band.

The Nadas will, of course, be as familiar as an old raincoat to many of our readers.  They formed over 30 years ago when Mike and Jason Walsmith – still the combined beating heart of the band today – started to jam and harmonise whilst still students at Iowa State University.  Nowadays, the Walsmiths are joined by bassist Brian Duffey, drummer Brandon Stone and Perry Ross, who adds keyboards, guitar and percussion to complete the band’s sound.  The band have 13 albums to their name – most recently 2020’s Duo, Numero Uno – and, over the course of their career, they’ve shifted over a quarter of a million units.  Not only that, they’ve shared stages with the likes of The Beach Boys, America, Bon Jovi and Huey Lewis.

So, when it comes to writing songs about hitting the road in the van and playing to waiting audiences, these fellas know a little bit about the subject matter.

Other Side Of The 45 is a song that will appeal to anyone – and I DO mean ANYONE – with a liking for The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and especially Tom Petty.  It’s a rootsy rocker, awash with clear strummed guitars, underpinned by Ross’s swirling organ, sprinkled with wonderful slide guitar licks and driven along by superbly throbbing bass.  The song’s lyrics offer, alternately, encouragement and warning to aspirant musicians, with lyrics like: “Drivin’ hard, we were workin’ fast – sometimes in the right direction,” “Sunny skies can tantalise, but beware of the voodoo witchcraft” and, particularly, “No-one has to do this thing for the first time anymore – we’re all in the business of what’s been done before.”  Quite, and that’s all great advice to formative young band members who really do believe that what they’re about to do has never been attempted before…

Other Side Of The 45 is a wonderful song – refreshing and genuinely uplifting – and, if the rest of the album is anything like this taster, then August will be a very special month indeed.  Watch these pages, we’ll be bringing you a detailed review of Come Along For The Ride just before it hits the racks – and we’re already dribbling in anticipation!

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