Giant Walker – All In Good Time, Live At Anarchy: Live Album/Video Review

Giant Walker brings All In Good Time to life. Heavy Rock in a brewery!

Release Date: 7th June 2023

Label: Check the Giant Walker Youtube channel

Format: video

Anarchy Brewery in Newcastle hosts a full album live set as Giant Walker set up and run through the All In Good Time album. Whilst one can’t get much better than the music/beer combo, bizarrely, it feels like a shift back to the bad old days of not too long ago when streaming events were the only way to access some live music and give bands a chance to ‘play live’ and earn a crust. It’s something that is referenced in the voiceover at the start of the set, acknowledging the birth of these particular songs while celebrating the album’s first birthday.

That’s before the camera follows the band into the arena as they step into position, rub their hands together and kick into the familiar clout of The Fact In Fiction. The quartet all face in as they get to work, and we’re invited to an intimate rehearsal as the songs take on a new life in their live incarnation having had a year to grow and take on new shapes.

It actually sounds mega. The riffs are huge and thunderous and judder with a real meaty thickness that comes from the three-piece instrumental battery while Steff Fish creates an ethnic vibe with her vocal around the opening part of Optophobia. Inertia slows the pace briefly but in between bouts of relaxed respite, there’s no compromise in the commitment to an overwhelming heaviness and Left To Wreck has Jamie and Jordan increasingly frantic, sharing some headbanging across the room while Steff conducts some outlandish Blues fever incantations. Tremendous stuff.

The axes are swapped for All We Have Is Gone where some arty angles are added to complement the power and the strangled solo that’s ripped out and as Coda draws to a close with a gentle guitar figure playing out, the instruments are abandoned, the in-ear monitors pulled and the band leaves the performance space. Darkness falls, a piano provides the playout music and it’s all very enigmatic.

The natural successor to a fine album and an excellent capture of a performance that really gives the songs the benefit of a reinforcing punch in live delivery with the material now well bedded in.

Giant Walker is touring the UK with Black Orchid Empire in June / July 2023 and can also be seen at the below shows. 

25.06.23 – Wildfire Festival*

28.06.23 – Derby – Hairy Dog w/BOE

29.06.23 – Newcastle – Anarchy Brewery w/BOE

30.06.23 – Glasgow – Audio w/BOE

01.07.23 – Manchester – Yes Basement w/BOE

02.07.23 – London – 229 Venue w/BOE

15.07.23 – Amplified Southampton*

25.11.23 – Nottingham – Tap N Tumbler*

16.12.23 – Amplified Gloucester*

*Giant Walker

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