Molybaron – Something Ominous: New Single/Video

News of the new single from Molybaron…

French/Irish alternative rock-metal outfit Molybaron, a band with a reputation for their energetic, hard-hitting sound, return with their most intense track to date, the aptly titled Something Ominous.

Something Ominous is an explosive, riff-laden track, describing a fabricated invasion unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Designed to instill widespread panic, meticulously orchestrated events are broadcast, creating a convincing illusion of extraterrestrial aggression, strategically deploying staged encounters and simulated attacks. As fear spreads, the population succumbs to the manipulation, allowing the state to exploit the chaos and implement their agenda of control. 

Here’s Something Ominous:

Formed in Paris January 2015, by Dublin-born singer/guitarist Gary Kelly, Molybaron has become one of the most talked-about bands in the modern metal scene.  Fusing together elements of alt-rock, hard rock, and modern metal to create an eclectic, sonically dynamic experience, Molybaron deliver an intensely raw, original musical signature, appealing to fans across the genres. 

Molybaron released their sophomore album The Mutiny in 2021 to critical acclaim, which led to them inking a deal with Inside Out Music. The album was followed by the single Vampires in late 2022.

More to come…

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