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Indolore – Nashville: EP Review

French musician, Indolore, describes his adventure to the home of country on his melancholic EP release, Nashville.

Release Date: June 30th

Label: Self Released

Format: Digital

When Indolore released their After The Rain album in 2021 we loved the bright and summery feel that it brought. This new EP takes country music away from the dusky bar room, prison cell and dismal ‘my dogs died’ days and gives Nashville music a light breezy flavour that you could enjoy on a sultry sunny beach.

It bounces along with cheery country twanging guitars, with shuffling percussion to lift the gloomiest of country moods. Dreams of working in Nashville, which is on any country musician’s bucket list, came to fruition where fortune allowed him to meet bassist Jack Lawrence, guitarist Sean Thompson and drummer Dave Racine.

Cajun music has, of course, its Gallic links and Parisian based musician Indolore makes country music sung in French on EP opener; C’est Pas La Peine (loosely translated in my minimal French as It’s Not Worth It) works well. It is followed up by I Gotta Run Away which is a real foot tapper. It shuffles along in lively fashion with some neat pedal guitar eased in.


The introspective ballad, We Have A Song, celebrates how a close relationship can help overcome all, expressed in terms of how that equates metaphorically to a good piece of music can come to our rescue.

Moving away from pure country music and more into light rock similar to Floyd’s dreamier Barrett period, Carina develops from haunting vocals into a stinging guitar solo. The title track is musically stripped down to the bare bones with gentle acoustic finger style and describes the effect of being so far away from home on his personal life.

This enchanting EP of Indolore’s trip to the home of country music is enhanced by his mellow vocals and passionate songs under the watch full eye of producer Andrija Tokic and gives us the ‘full soundtrack of my epic Nashville story.’

In contradiction to the French title of opening track, this delightful little EP is certainly worth it!

Listen to C’est Pas La Peine below and watch out for a feature with Indolore on the recording of the Nashville EP soon.

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