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Black Country singer-songwriter Dan Whitehouse has written a protest song in response to the shocking recent events at The Crooked House pub near Dudley. The 18th Century building, much loved and famed for its sloping floors and walls, was burnt down and bulldozed less than two days after the fire, the suspicious circumstances prompting anger from residents and former customers. (BBC news story)

Dan has many warm memories of regular family outings to the quirky building. He was heartbroken when he heard the news; but heartbreak soon changed to outrage “at the greed and the lack of respect for the laws that are there to protect our heritage and our historical buildings.” 

Dan is involved in many local projects all about preserving heritage, history and community through song and story. When he heard the news, Dan stayed up all night writing a song in protest, and has now released The Crooked House on YouTube.

“As a songwriter, this is the least I can do,” says Dan. “Through The Crooked House I’m expressing feelings that are shared with so many I have spoken to. We can’t turn the clock back but we shouldn’t just lie down and accept what has happened, and perhaps our protest can raise awareness and help avoid such things happening in the future. 

“I sing with a collective voice”, 
he emphasises.

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