My Sister My Brother – More Than You Could Give: Single Review

Another sneak preview of the forthcoming album from US super-duo, My Sister My Brother.  Prepare to hear harmonies like you’ve never heard before 

Release Date:  25th August 2023

Label: 333 Entertainment

Formats: Download, Streaming


We’ve already had an appetizing taster, and here comes another one!  

US super-duo, My Sister My Brother are getting in line to release their forthcoming 7-track album, My Sister My Brother II – it comes out on 29th September.  We recently raved and drooled over the duo’s last single, Another Life, comparing it to “…The Doobies in their best California freeway mood,” and we stand by that assessment.  But it seems that My Sister My Brother have several strings to that melodic bow of theirs, because new single, More than You Could Give, is a different affair altogether.  

My Sister My Brother are: Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Garrison Starr and singer/songwriter Sean McConnell.  Both are well-known as independent solo artists but, together, they achieve a special kind of magic, especially when their voices combine to achieve their signature harmonies; harmonies that have been said to “twin and snake around each other to hypnotise and smooth.” 

Of the duo’s coming-together, Garrison has this to say: “Sometimes you just immediately trust somebody – you’re at ease from the beginning.  You know they’ve got your back.  It feels easy.  I immediately felt that way with Sean.”  

That’s a sentiment that’s mutual, as I guess it always must be amongst the most successful and seamless of duos, as Sean confirms: “When we started writing and especially when we started singing together, it was like, ‘Wow. This is not normal.  This feels very natural.’  It feels like singing with a sibling you’ve sung with for a long time.  Very quickly, it became a special collaboration.” 

My Sister My Brother [photo: Taylor Ballantyne]

And it’s that vocal… (shall we call it telepathy?) that shines through on More Than You Could Give, the latest single to be taken from the forthcoming album.  Sean’s and Garrison’s voices fit so snugly together, it’s almost as if their voices have formed a dovetailed joint, fashioned by a master carpenter.  After the open-road rock of Another Life, More Than You Could Give is positively subdued; the production is subtle, with strummed acoustic guitars providing much of the backing.  OK, there’s a piano and some traces of keyboard somewhere in there too, but really, More Than You Could Give is all about the song’s reassuring lyrics and those masterful harmonies as tight and enchanting as you’ll ever hear, anywhere.  It’s a beautiful song, soft and soothing, that you’ll want to hear over and over.  

My Sister My Brother II is shaping up to be a tremendous album.  (SPOILER: I’ve heard it, and it is!)  We’ll be running a detailed review of the album, closer to its release date, so watch this space…

Get a taste of that special My Sister My Brother vocal chemistry. Watch the official video to Cry Me a River, the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album, My Sister My Brother II, here:

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